FontTeresa 2017/04/14 07:16:11 0 0
I'm using the Web/Mac vision of SpinnerChief.Where do you check the Uniqueness of a spun article?  In the Windows desktop version, you go to the bottom task bar on your desktop and it tells you how unique your spun article is.Where do you find this in the Web version?Thanks!!
auliar21 2018/03/21 08:50:53 0 0
why x-spinner freeze after some spin? it was fine last week... i can keep spinning for weeks without closing the x-spinner. i use seo content machine for spinning content.
MinistryOC 2017/07/04 17:27:38 0 0
Hello,I'm having a related problem.I started X-Spinner with Spanish Thesaurus as default.But when I start SEO Content Machine a message appear on X-spinner:ID: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I am using Windows Server with last version of .NET installedHow can I solve this?Thanks!
james2004 2018/01/03 12:10:38 0 0
SEO Content machine keeps returning this error which I am told is related to xspinner, can you help wiht it?TimeMessage03/01/2018 03:59:03"Exception TPL10: [WebException]X-spinner returned no spun text   at SatinBlue.Api.Services.XSpinner.Spin(String text, String csvProtectedTerms, CancellationToken cancelToken)   at SatinBlue.Api.Spinner.ExternalSpinIt(String textToSpin, String spinnerName, String[]...
agakaruni 2017/09/20 21:24:07 0 0
If I run X-Spinner in windows vps, Can I connect it to the wordpress plugin via the API?Does  x spinner can be used in wordpress plugin though not on same server?Thank you in advance.
Adrianik 2017/08/20 03:51:07 0 0
Hello! Please list with which of the existing software i can integrate the X-spinner. Since it is uselessly idle.I'm interested in software, with which i can generate articles. Something like SeoContentMachine. But it is desirable - free. Thank!
MinistryOC 2017/07/06 19:09:35 0 0
Hello,I made this video capture to show the problem that I'm having with X-Spinnerhttps://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cbi16Plo2LSeems that the Content Writing Software is not working since X-Spinner don't return any textThere are here someone that can have a clue about why this is happening?Thanks
dmitr.beloff 2017/04/12 00:54:05 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:3.5 EliteEverything works fine for me, when i use "Normal Spin Techgnology", howerver I can only run 1 thread of Super Spin, because if i try to run more, i'm getting these errors most of the time:"Index out of bounds error""...
Maltieee 2017/05/23 06:01:28 0 0
See topic. 
spiritfly 2016/03/02 13:13:47 0 1
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:3.5For all the years I've had X-Spinner, I've never seen the feature "Enable Protect Words" work. Now with the latest version it completely ignores the words in the program itself (X-Spinner) and it also completely ignores the protected words in SEO Content Machine(I'm using it with X-Spinner).This...
toosje 2017/04/16 19:06:10 0 0
HiI keep getting error message when trying to start it up (it used to work before but now I keep getting this, what can I do?). Screenshot: ...
seotrafilea 2017/02/17 08:56:13 0 0
Operating System:Windows Server 2012Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:xV3....
spiritfly 2017/02/17 16:47:44 0 0
Guys I love your products, I have X-Spinner and Spinnerchief from the day they were available for sale. I supported you guys throughout forums like Blackhatworld and other public forums and groups as much as possible. You have created great products there, but there is one thing that really bothers me with both Spinnerchief and X-Spinner. So I would like to ask you:Can you please create a new variable in your API in both Spinnerchief and X-Spinner so we...
infomohamedammar 2016/12/12 00:34:23 0 0
i just bought seo content machine and x-spinner Elite version for a life time subscription, when i try to use x-spinner with seo content machine, it fails, it tells me enter the spinners logins but it doesn't give me an option to put the username and password, i need some help
superdv 2016/01/10 13:25:07 0 1
i've bought x-spinner due to its compatibility with russian language. I have two other spinners (without russian lang.). But here its promised. So, please tell me, when it will be available??????
aryanto 2016/11/08 07:05:41 0 0
when I use the spinner x, there are, notice: one serial number only be allowed to use by one user.we have the system to detect how many people are using the serial number. I only use it on a home PC and a computer at...
money2017 2016/11/06 06:36:30 0 0
i need serial code for Get X-Spinner Free Version
enzyme 2016/09/23 06:25:13 0 1
mikulabc 2016/09/09 09:02:11 0 1
I loaded the turkish thesaurus and with any setting i put, it always just outputs the same text without {|} characters, please fix this, could you check and let me know, its urgent kindasee screenshots below:...
Developer 2016/09/19 11:13:56 0 1
I'm using API from http://www.x-spinner.com/dev.html, for example:> string='very logn url-encoded text'> curl -X POST -d "thesaurus=English&removeold=1&spintype=0&spinway=1&xstext=$string" http://myip:80/ What about params for api type for third-party software?How I can use another API type (TBS, WordAI, etc.) instead off X-Spinner.
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