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SpinChief Web/Mac version

ReplyThanks 2017/04/13 13:06:00 0 0

Just purchased the web/Mac version of SpinChief.

Are there any videos or tutorials that show how to get started spinning?

The videos that are available now are for the desktop software and it is different from the web/Mac version.

Please help. Thanks!!

2017/04/13 13:59:21

Hi, web version of Spinnerchief is very easy to handle. And currently there is no tutorial for it.

What would you like to do? We are glad to help you.

2017/04/13 16:28:43

I want to spin an article. I've tried playing around with it but can't figure it out.

What i do is I place my article in box and select Auto Spin.

I select 'spin to format' and 'super spin'

Then I click on Spin.

After the program goes through its thing, I get a message that says: "Spin Error."

So I am not able to spin anything.

Please help. Thanks!

2017/04/13 17:14:58

Hi, already tested it. it works. Check my screenshot:

Can you send me the screenshot of your task settings?

2017/04/13 18:35:16

Here are 2 screenshots.

1) task settings

2) Spin Error window

thanks for your help.

2017/04/14 11:20:42

Hi, can you send me your SpinnerChief account and the article you use? I will test it on my side. Many thanks

We use our own account to test. It works well.

2018/11/28 15:54:43

Could you please bring along the signed Declaration forms when you see me. Do give me a heads up on what date/time to expect you.


2018/11/29 15:41:38
Sorry, what is that? What can i do for you please?
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