Djroyb 2016/07/17 10:06:56 0 1
How to set up X-spinner with magic submitter?
chymmi 2016/04/14 10:37:23 0 1
Hello,after using x-spinner (normally it is after a few hours of using) it will stop working and my software (seo content machine) is reporting this "Net: Unable to complete request @" and I need to restart x-spinner to work. Even "test spin" feature doesnt work when it stuck.Can you please help me?
Adriany 2016/02/21 12:46:57 0 1
Hello! On the x-spinner.com home page states that the X-Spinner is integrated with Xrumer. This is true? Is not...
seo101 2015/10/12 22:27:11 0 1
Hi,Right after I open xspinner, on my task manager it uses 300MB. After run it for 2 days I checked it uses up 800MB which is huge. Is there anyway to lower this number down ? I tried clear logs once a while but it doesn't help much.
goceb 2015/11/16 17:50:55 1 1
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:3.4When a text contains U+00A0 which is a non breaking white space it should be replaced with U+0020 the normal whitespace. Otherwise X-Spinner fails to spin and stops working. This is important for non English spinning.
spiritfly 2015/10/08 12:30:43 0 1
Operating System:Windows 8.1Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:3.4After every few hours since turned on X-Spinner gets stuck and cannot be used at all. I have to bring up Task Manager and force close X-Spinner and then run it again.I wrote to your skype support several times about this issue since about 5-6 months back and you always said you will fix this....
JayFacesOut 2015/10/09 10:15:51 0 1
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:TAP Pro 3Hi Guys, when I try to Run WhiteHatBox I get Pop Up saying there Is a New version of WhiteHatBox and to click to update, After It has Updated a Box Says 'The New Version will Run Now' so I click 'OK' and the Programmer attempts to start Up and then Goes Back to@ There Is a New version' Please click to Update, It keeps...
seo101 2015/08/24 05:24:38 1 1
Hi,Is it possible to protect capitalize word just like in spinrewriter ? I deal with a lot of technical jargons where it dont need to be spin. I can't put all the jargon to the protected keywords since I never know what's coming. So the only way you can tell that that's a jargon is by the capital word. For example: Windows 8.1 . Xspinner replaces this with Home windows 8.1.Thanks
mms 2015/08/29 02:32:44 0 1
I'm using X-Spinner with third party software. First I tried specifying the SpinnerChief API in the third party software, but it returned an API error. Then I switched it to use the SpinRewriter API and it worked. This seems strange. Why would X-Spinner work with the SpinRewriter API and not with the SpinnerChief API? Shouldn't it be most compatible with the SpinnerChief API?Also, if you access X-Spinner via a non-SpinnerChief API method...
mms 2015/08/27 19:25:22 0 1
Would you consider providing an option to install X-Spinner as a Windows service? This would make a lot of sense, since it needs to be running 24/7 and does not require a GUI. It's inconvenient to have to run the Whitebox app and manually start X-Spinner any time the computer is rebooted. Not to mention, it takes up space in the taskbar.
jackjak 2015/02/23 00:26:27 0 1
Could you tell me about the purpose of limited API on SpinnerChief (onetime ultimate), and unlimited for X-spinner?...
Lemmy777 2015/06/16 02:09:39 0 0
Hello, I have X-Spinner and would like to know why the copy/paste functions do not work on the software.  It's working everywhere but with this software.  Any advice/help would be great. Thanks    
hashimji2008 2015/04/15 14:27:51 0 0
Can anybody tell me the procedure to use x spinner with WP robot
naphol 2014/07/21 00:47:35 0 0
good software
jackjak 2015/02/25 23:41:51 0 0
akwin 2015/02/22 07:08:10 0 0
hello..you know i love x-spinner even better than word ai and others..you have best technology..But i have no experience..I am going to use xspinner in content bomb for gsa ser and magic submitter......
DarrellK92 2015/01/02 04:54:58 0 0
I am trying to use X-Spinner Free with GSA Search Engine Ranker so I can submit some spun articles for backlinks to my real estate investing website. Every time I try to put in the data according to the video, I get the above message in the test area of X-Spinner and in the edit setting to use a spinner in GSA. Hope I'm explaining it right, Can someone help me out with this?
freilman 2014/09/04 12:50:43 0 0
Please my x spinner is showing this problem below, Please what can I do?...
MarcODW 2014/09/17 08:00:45 0 0
Dear Support, during Startup i try to load the German Thesaurus but get the following error message:German - load failed, no thesaurusCould you please fix this.Thanks
sabrefan62 2014/09/23 12:31:38 0 0
The best spinner is not working for me,wordai is working but the best spinner says invalid login. any ideas?
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