Pseudo-Original - Modify the Headline

nicolos | 2016-09-21 23:33:11

In the world of pseudo-original, pseudo-original title also has certain skills.

Original article is important, but the pseudo-original at the time of writing is also very important to note, when performing pseudo-original, and in some places also must pay attention to.

Title combination method

In fact, the combination method is through sorting, replacement and other ways to make certain changes to the title. For example, such a title, "Master how to analyze and develop website marketing strategy" can be changed to "Do network marketing analysis needs to develop good policy." and so on. In fact, the whole meaning is the same, that is the central idea remains solid to certain modifications.

Text-decoration method

Title in a very accurate, we also can through certain processing modifications, such as adding a number of questions, ask, comparison, metaphor, personification, etc. Combining with the original title perfectly, which can increase the impact of the title, the more you can attract user.

Title related to content 

Modification of the title is actually mainly to reduce repetition of search engines, rather than after the title modified, changed beyond recognition. If so, it will lose the pseudo-original purpose.

Regardless of how the title is being modified, firstly it must comply with the original major content, the central idea, secondly is to add some more in line with the needs of the viewer characteristics. Only by this, we can get unexpected results by pseudo-original.

But after the title meets the same requirements, the most important issue is to meet the user's experience, in line with the needs of users, this is also very important.