5 Great Tips for Promoting Business on Instagram

nicolos | 2016-11-09 22:07:29

If you are going to use Instagram to promote your business than it’ll be your best bet. As it is now quite popular to promote a brand on social media and it will also make your pocket less light if you to do so. 

There are several ways how you can use Instagram for business. I work at a social media and digital marketing firm, and actually just wrote an article on this recently. After creating an account, here's what I suggest:

1. Improve picture quality. If you aren't receiving high engagement, it may be due to the quality or relevance of your photos. Use a camera that is able to capture your products, events, and the inner workings of the company. If the photo is of a high quality, the opinions of your business will be sure to follow suit.

2. Utilize hashtags. Hashtags are the fast-track to collections of topics, concepts, and products on Instagram. Users who enjoy seeing brands, products, and/or services similar to yours will search for relevant hashtags. By incorporating them into your brand's Instagram posts, finding your page becomes easier for potential consumers.

3. Connect with fans and other brands. Follow and engage with fans and non-competitor brands in order to make connections and grow your business. By actively engaging with current and potential consumers, you present yourself and your company as modern, attractive, and approachable.

4. Consider sponsored posts. Sponsored posts on Instagram promote your photos to appear on the feed of any users within a targeted area, whether they follow your brand or not. This encourages those who enjoy your content to follow and engage with your business and potentially seek out more information.

5. Always respond to feedback. Positive or negative, feedback will ultimately determine the direction of your company. Always consider what your fans tell you, and respond in a timely manner to resolve issues or thank them for their business. Not only does constructive criticism help to improve your business, but responding makes your audience feel involved and appreciated.