5 Simple Steps to Optimize Website Structure

nicolos | 2016-10-26 04:03:06

The impact SEO on site structure can not be ignored, in the beginning of website establishment, which is the first important part of SEO; laying a good foundation, laterly the long-term optimization will be easy. Web structure can be divided into tree structure, the logical structure and flat structure. Reminder: site structure not only has an important impact on the search engine, but also has a great influence on the user experience.

Tree structure: As the name suggests, the same as the fork branches to the structure, most search engines like this kind of structure. Large sites often pay particular attention to this point.

Logical structure: it is the so-called network structure, columns and columns, columns and articles, articles and articles, columns and home pages, the relevance between articles and the homepage.

Flat structure: it is suitable for small and medium-sized sites, in fact, any sites should try to do this. Flat structure is very friendly to the search engines, in general, the site hierarchy is best in three or less levels, no more than five.

How to optimize your site structure:

The first step, establishing the site navigation bar, the navigation bar is the hub of the website to transmit information, guideing the user into the various columns of the site, topics, channels and so on. Breadcrumb navigation can be used to clarify the location of the current page, breadcrumbs navigation is a typical tree structure, playing the guiding role, leading the association of the each site level.

The second step, set the 301 jump and 404 error page to reduce the decentralization of page strength, webpage pseudo-static settings conducive to the recognition of spider crawl on the url.

The third step, try your best to reduce flash and js, these are not friendly to search engines, it can be placed in an external folder or putting it on the bottom of the page without affecting the results.

The fourth step, determine the correct optimization strategy of internal link, reference to the logical structure.

The fifth step, try to use the flat physical structure and pyramid-like logic structure.

The sixth step, set the robots file and site map (html and xml), which is conducive to user experience and spiders successfully crawl the site page.