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spiritfly 2017/02/17 16:48:04 1 0
Guys I love your products, I have X-Spinner and Spinnerchief from the day they were available for sale. I supported you guys throughout forums like Blackhatworld and other public forums and groups as much as possible. You have created great products there, but there is one thing that really bothers me with both Spinnerchief and X-Spinner. So I would like to ask you:Can you please create a new variable in your API in both Spinnerchief and X-...
Tazz91 2015/08/05 13:38:21 1 0
Hi,It would be great if you could add a multiple words in the synonym tab by using the commas example;(highlighting) great, paste the words -> fantastic, beautiful, nice, thanks, love it, cool etc in the box. And hit enter then it will insert it in the box like you would manually would do it:example...
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