Fred45 2021/09/02 08:48:43 0 0
If someone buys a monthly version of a product. Do I get paid for every month they’re billed? If they purchased initially from my affiliate link? 
1minute2com 2020/11/27 02:25:57 0 0
Discovering AIOSTREAMS Software, I have some questions please :Each time there is a new play on each tasks, why do a new Spotify windows open each time ? It is a real problem because I have hundreds of windows opened on my computer.. and it makes it very slow....
ab77885522 2020/01/21 16:27:06 0 0
I want to delete this whitehatbox account
Sonam Namdev 2020/01/03 18:16:18 0 0
I am not received my payment from October.Please let me know when you proceed with the payments.
ewilliams18077 2019/04/27 01:58:35 1 0
send one email every day thousands of subcribers waiting for your clicks all my followers and friends is getting commissions every day. D
yourheroSerene 2018/08/08 20:19:03 0 0
I purchased FollowingLike for managing Facebook accounts, and got my serial code. On WhiteHatBox, I was able to download it and used my serial code, but noticed I couldn't import accounts. Then I saw that there was a separate program for Account Manager. So I downloaded that, and when I tried to use my serial code, it said it was invalid. Do I seriously have to buy another code? TweetAttack Pro 4 only had one price, one code, and one download to do everything, so I'm confused.
[email protected] 2018/08/20 02:29:02 0 0
hi everytime i download whitehatbox in order to be able to download the followliking software it does this, can you please tell me how to resolve this, i have windows 10 but i don't know if thats the problem or not
Volvo Klassiekers 2018/11/14 16:23:25 0 0
Hi there,FL won't like pictures anymore. I stops at the point where is has to search for photo's.What am i doing wrong?Kind regards,
Avinashbs 2018/11/09 22:01:52 0 0
Hi Team,I bought PVACreator for Gmail Account creator and i need a invoice for this. Please help me on getting the invoice for the same.
CM REGA Life 2018/10/09 20:17:00 0 0
After creating a post submitting task Following like just opens the debug window with post submitting form and nothing happends. The software just doesn't want to tap a text.
CM REGA Life 2018/10/07 19:31:09 1 0
So the thing is that after filling all data with username, email and etc your program doesn't give me a chance to fill the captcha. When I try to manually fill the Reddit's captcha the window just closes and that's all. PVA creator just goes to the next account and I'm getting the same trouble over and over again.
venugumpenavfx 2018/09/26 00:07:53 0 0
 Hi, I have a doubt about gmail. At this moment i need to create 2000 gmail accounts with related names i choose. can i use the same id's in future also without any issue from gmail. 
DavidKesting 2018/08/15 09:50:09 0 0
Hi, i bought gmailpva creator.i got licence serial kays and setup my pc but its didn't work perfectly.please help me to solve this problem. thanks David
Akpasen Jerry 2018/08/09 00:03:25 0 0
Why is whitehatbox software refusing to install in my computer? I am an Ultimate account holder. I tried to run the software today, unfortunately the software is saying Whitehatbox has stopped working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but the situation is still the same.
abianjath0072 2018/08/02 22:01:53 0 0
I have pva gmail creator .. I need to make gmail accounts with phone verification. But your custom verfication website ia costly . can i add another SMS verifcation provider api into it .???
tristanxlee 2018/06/20 20:46:13 0 0
Hi all, could someone please get back to me with regards to the loading user data error. When i run the task everything is succesful but following fails due to cant load user data ? Please Help
Leoomeneses 2018/07/03 02:55:55 0 0
ikarpusha 2018/05/07 01:42:39 0 0
Want to follow other people's followers.Step 1. Advanced search by People usernames (9 names)Step 2. Search: import people from step 1; search People + Peoples followers.It ran once, and now keeps saying that there are no results from the searches. What am I doing wrong?Tried both with and without 'Save old search' and 'Clear old search if there are no results found...' check boxes....
ikarpusha 2018/05/06 15:56:12 0 0
I'm new and get confused with error messages. Is there some documentation how to understand and deal with them?1. You can't delete tweet. Reason:Interval time(wait about 10 h...). You can't follow anyone. Reason:Interval time(wait about 4 minutes 51 seconds). Is this from Twitter OR from TAP (due to some my settings)?I run low numbers for now, but there is NO option to wait 10 h!...
jbarriga 2018/04/20 01:47:40 0 0
Dear sirs, getting tons of failures for two tasks: One is named IG_MULTIPLE and the othet TGLIG_MULTIPLE:  Many failures for the Search Photos module based on previous Text module. See photo below and task log attached....
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