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Downloading the Browser Problem

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Dear WhiteHatBox Team

How are you? I hope my message got you well.

I am currently using the FollowingLIke Instagram&Facebook Versions with unlimited accounts.

After you agreed to change my license i was trying to install the softwares on my office pc.

I am dealing with a strange problem..

The program is not proforming tasks because the program is trying to download some kind of browser, but the download always failed.

Have any idea how to solve this problem? the download always go until 100% but still failes.

Thank's a lot for your amazing help!

Looking forwards for your reply

Best Regards


2018/05/03 14:37:35

Is the status of your account normal please?

Go to check if these files (xulrunner29.0, xulrunner33.0, xulrunner45.0 ) are in this path: C:\Program Files (x86) If they are not here, please go to download these files, then unzip them, then move them to this path.


After finished the above settings. Then go to check if the status of your account is normal. After your account is normal, then go to check if the task works.

Waiting for your news.

2023/05/29 09:14:22
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