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AIOSTREAM not working with Spotify

ReplyThanks 2018/08/01 13:14:28 0 0
I tried the auto login several times and it's not working with the image select security feature.... I even tried to do it "manually" and I was able to get in the account but "AIOSTREAM" is still showing a message as "Verification Failure". What is going on.... is there a solution for this or what? If not I would like a refund.
2018/08/01 15:39:40

Try to choose manual verify option here, then verify the captcha manually in the chrome window.

If there is still problem for it, you'd better share us some screenshots of the error. We will help you check it again.

Or you can add our Skype whitehatbox, i will inform our programmer to help you check it via remote control directly.

Waiting for your news.

2024/03/05 02:32:49
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