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The software doesn't work, The support doesn′t work. I want my refund.

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Since I bought your software, I have been requesting a refund.

Your software does not work as it should.

Your company seems to be a scam such as your software. I've been in contact with technical support for several days, who give me false solutions, and as a last alternative to take control of my computer remotely, something that I would never let a stranger do.

The sopftware doesn't work, The support doesn′t work.

The support ticket is 127245 and 126782.

I feel completely cheated.

7 Weekly
2021/05/16 17:39:33
I have formally requested a refund of payment for a service that I have never used because it has never worked.As a legitimate company, you can have as many policies as you want, as long as they are endorsed by the courts.As a legitimate company, in your business registry, you must provide a physical address, which is the
 one that I am requesting you to start the legal procedures that protect me as a european consumer and citizen.
7 Weekly
2021/05/16 17:48:47
Given your repeated refusals both to reimburse and to provide your company data,
 which I will state in the complaint, I inform you that I am initiating the legal 
procedures through the European Consumer Center and the Chinese embassy as an 
intermediary of the same.Good Morning.
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