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Spell Checker

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In the event that you aren’t getting plenty of comments on your own blog posts, there’s a straightforward answer: misplace a comma!

Grammar Nazis are usually no laughing matter, and poor grammar or even spelling will set you back. It seems sloppy, that hurts your credibility and reputation, therefore nothing personal but why wouldn’t you utilize this spell checker?

It’s free and simple to use, and you may choose which language to base this spell checker on for greater results. Simply paste the written text in the package or upload your document and let the tool do all of the dirty work. Not only will the flaws become identified, but you'll also get several choices for correction right there.

The spell checker is a must have if you’re dealing with a freelance writer who isn’t fluent in the grammar laws and regulations of one's native language. It’s in the same way useful if you’re proofing a paper and would prefer to let a tool do your job.

Please let us know that if you want more functions in this small software, we will listen your suggestion and add them :)

2014/08/09 00:54:56
Very good, thanks.
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