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mr miyagi_EWcE6

Support in different time zones

ReplyThanks 2020/09/19 06:09:07 0 0
Well, it looks like i will be having a great talk with customer support at 2am or 3am since it takes long to respond to a ticket. i always wake up to a response that either partially answers my questions or doesn't at all. Time to get lucrative!
Laura Lee
2020/09/23 18:13:42

Hi, dear. We received your report. Thanks very much.

We are sorry for the time difference that has affected your sleep. But please understand that time difference is an objective fact and there is nothing we can do about it.

Please provide me with more information about another question you reflected: the support team partially responded to your question or did not reply to your question at all. If what you say is true, we will punish the relevant support personnel.

Thanks again!

2023/11/01 02:55:18
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