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dmgimbut 2016/10/08 17:51:19 0 0
I purchased Spinner Chief 4 nine days ago. I tried to use the web version but it too confusing and videos don't cover how to use it.I tried to download to my PC but it will not allow me to complete the process without the serial number.I have sent numerous emails, they asked what email I used when I purchased it and have not heard back.There are now 9 nine days of my subscription gone, not being able to use...
thanuthep 2016/10/16 08:12:07 0 0
What's wrong? Assuming your server is in trouble.  But it's been a few days now that I have not been able to use the SpinnerChief on Web.  Any solution?
thanuthep 2016/10/14 20:29:08 0 0
I purchased a one-time paid SpinnerChief4, but there're a couple of issues which have been raised to your support team.  However, till now there's NO solution, no response AT ALL.1.  Could not load the programs onto my PC, both SpinnerChief and ContentBomb.  It keeps showing "Start Index cannot be less than zero.  Parameter name: StartIndex".  Load program failed....2.  I've emailed to get support, BUT, there's been no response, no...
tvkalendar 2016/10/05 10:37:57 0 0
Hello, my tasks from TAP 4 are not working. Everything is correct, but when it needs to follow or favorite I get the message " wait until other accounts come to the end" (or similar). It wont follow or favorite noone for days now.What to do?Thanks
steve316 2016/09/29 18:29:04 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:32bitSoftware Version:NewestI cannot get botchief editor to upload any files since the latest update. It has slowed my pc down tremendously.
mrpems88 2016/09/06 22:51:32 0 0
No lightning bugs '' random '' is1...
kafh 2016/07/01 23:39:50 0 0
You are asking me to payFor the second timeTo get the same licenseI have a license for life timeWhy pay twice for the same licenseThis will be the last email to youI see it as an attempt to steal and not for technical support...
Kaya 2016/06/26 05:54:49 1 0
I have payed the spinerchif but tel now no answer why do this tow days iam waiting for the software so what I have to do 
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