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death by captcha

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Okay I posted a question before asking about death by captcha and I still cant find my answer =/ Has anyone come across video tutorials explaining the process of setting up death by captcha in botchief? Im so lost on which actions to set up, how to send the captcha to dbc and that whole set up. If anyone has seen any posts or tutorials explaining this please send them my way. Thank you!
2016/10/02 06:07:08
we will create a video for this asap and post it on the forum.
Let's ROCK!
2017/02/22 20:08:19
is this video created yet ?
2017/02/22 21:27:44
Yes, check this link, and then you can know how to use it: http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=4129#.WK5GgPImNQ4
2017/07/13 00:03:56

Is there an update on this on how to use the NEWCAPTHCA?

I use deathbycaptcha to auto answer it, but where and how to input the result to the

response box?

The Response from the NEWCAPTCHA function cannot be save as a variable.

Then i cannot set value to the ResponseBox because i dont have the variable..

Please Help

2017/07/19 18:44:09
You can fill in your deathbycaptcha account or 2captcha account to solve it in the Settings.
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