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Joseph Chin

Some Question

ReplyThanks 2016/03/03 23:56:31 0 0

Hi, I would like to ask a few questions

1) How can I login into a Facebook page and post many pictures and set the schedule when to post each pictures?

2) Can the exe file of the whitehatbox be changed?

2016/03/04 01:03:56

Hi, buddy, do you want to create facebook module? please check this video to learn how to create it. thanks


What do you mean about the question2?

Joseph Chin
2016/03/04 01:55:03

For Question 1, i want to do something like login into first account, post 10 pictures then login into another account and post 10 pictures. In each account, each pictures can be posted according to the schedule (Posted on the specific date and time) as shown in the pictures below.

For Question 2, after compiling the module into exe, can we change the icon of the exe in the file and also the name below the exe file (Default is WhiteHatBox.com)

One more question, in the Upload File function, can the pictures be uploaded in sequential instead of random?

2016/03/04 02:22:46

Qustion1: you can create a facebook module to log in your account and then post picture. About the specific time, if you run it on the exe program, you can set the specific time for each run.

Question2. the icon of the exe can be changed when you compile your module. what does this mean "the name below the exe file (Default is WhiteHatBox.com)" can you send the screenshot to us?

Question3. on the upload file function, when you select the file to upload, it just upload the picture's path but picture's directory. i think that you made a mistake of this function.

Joseph Chin
2016/03/04 02:44:03

Question 1 : If I want to set the schedule from Facebook page, can or not?

Question 2 : Change the complie icon and default website (The Square icon with 4 different color one)

Question 3 : I want the pictures to be uploaded in sequence, not random but Upload File cannot let me choose the Row Index.

Question 4 : For the Facebook schedule, how can I modify the time as shown below?

2016/03/04 03:15:09

Question1. if this pop-up form can be found, you can set a default time for it, check this video


Question2. the compile icon can be changed. what do you mean of the default website

Question3. if you have saved your picture file path to a Table variable, and want to select the Row Index, you need to save it to a string variable, and then you can select the Row Index

Joseph Chin
2016/03/04 03:41:45

I mean can we change this icon and the website name under the Complie?

For the upload files, I don't quite get what u mean?

2016/03/04 03:57:52
very sorry that this icon and the website name under the Complie cannot be changed
Joseph Chin
2016/03/04 04:01:37

OK. Noted.

BTW, can u show me how to enable the files to uploaded in sequence instead of randomly. I don't quite understand your explanation just now.

And can I know how to use table loop and where to put it in a bot?

2016/03/04 04:19:53
If you want to post the pictures orderly, you should read all files name into a table variable first. Then loop the table, and put the upload action in the loop, use a string variable to get the row value of the table in every loop, then upload the file that has the file name from the string variable. Hope that is clear now.
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